About the Courageous Kids Awards

The non profit Courageous Kids Awards was launched in 2015, to recognise the success and achievements of some of our most vulnerable children. Many of whom are from under-privileged backgrounds that struggle from day to day, let alone have the opportunity to have any fun or celebrate their accomplishments.

All of the award winners have worked with Tappy Twins over the previous year. This is a Community Interest Company with charitable status. Its Founder Suzanne Skeete developed Tappy Twins to support our most vulnerable young people, when they need it most. They work with the children online, in schools and organisations across the UK; to help them overcome any negative experiences, trauma and everyday worries. This is achieved by using a combination of therapies, counselling, coaching and strategies in 1-2-1 or group sessions.

The awards not only recognises their incredible journeys but ensures that amazing things are put in place for their futures such as work placements, mentoring and giving prizes that they dream of; to give them the futures they deserve.

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